Network error when attempting to fetch resource

Hello, when I was making the app, I started debug. After that I noticed that I always have a network error error when attempting to fetch resource. No matter how I spin, it does not help.

That’s all the report I have.


If you’re getting a network error in a third-party client like Postman or in a browser as a url, then that has nothing to do with your blocks in Thunkable. Are you able to use the full url in a browser (e.g. Chrome) and have it work successfully? That’s the first step when wanting to use an API in Thunkable.

Edit: I think your full url is api.php?url= That works and returns in a browser. Is this a url-shortening service?

Also, what is the exact error you’re getting in Thunkable? Make sure you’re testing it on a mobile device. You’re not displaying the response so you might want to do that just in case it does work.

Yes, this is a service to shorten the URL. I enter in the browser, and there is an exact error as from the header. And the network shows that the CORS request failed. I did not test on mobile, but I’ll look at it now…

It works on mobile, but I want it to work on a web-based. This is important!

response is not working, because error

If you want web based youll need to proxy your api calls. The Thunkable web app infrastructure will cause these api call issues. On a mobile device, there’s no Cors issue.

See this:


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