API Post/Put Not Working

Hi everyone,
I’m having a problem lately where if I get a several (three or four) API posts in a project I can no longer add more that work. A get request continues to work, but Post/Put requests never fire.

Anyone else experiencing this? Looking for a work around.

Hmm… haven’t ever used more than one or two API components. Can you just use one and re-use it? I typically use one because I can set the url, etc. in blocks and run it dynamically.

Or are you only using one component?

Yeah, I am trying to re-use them, but I had to create two because the first one stopped working (it works for the original posts, but won’t work for any new ones). Now no new API components will work (they do work with Get, but no Post or Put). Nor can I use the old one’s with any new Post/Put requests (again they still work with new Get requests). There seems to be some issue with Thunkable where if you build a complex app, add things, delete things, maybe add a copied page, and change things around it can cause issues with components down the road. It’s a weird issue, hard to nail down, but I keep experiencing it. I almost always have to write my apps two or three times to get everything working. Even then it’s a bit of a dance. It’s getting better, but still not a completely solid experience. Have you experienced anything similar?

I really think this platform could turn out to be a strong contender in the IDE space, but I can only ever get things about 90% without a ton of fooling around with stuff and rebuilding to try and get the last 10% working. It makes it so it’s not actually faster than just learning flutter or something. I think that can change, but just my experience so far.

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