Question about PUT requests with the Web API

An App that was working is now failing after a recompilation in a Wep API put… the code had been working earlier and the API is still working from other interfaces. The failure I am am getting is “Network Request failed” against the error block… Internet is up and all other GET and POST APIs are working… Please check and confirm

Hey @Shami_Gupta - seems strange that GET and POST requests would work fine but PUT wouldn’t.

If there was an issue with the component, I’d expect them all to stop working.

It seems more likely that there’s an issue somewhere with how the request is being generated.
For example:

  1. Are you concatenating strings and variables?
  2. Are you setting headers?
  3. Are there any potential issues with character encoding?

Can you try creating the simplest possible version of this and test whether or not that still works?


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