API and SQL database to store data

I need to store thousand of rows generated by my app and I do not want to use Firebase because is json DB and Airtable because with free account give us just 1200 rows per DB. I’d like to use a SQL database.
Which DB do you recommend, which can be managed via API? (insert, select, update e delete)


If you dont want to use either of those, google sheets works with the new data components you are just storing info. There is no row limit but each sheet is limited to 5,000,000 cells. So take the number of colums you would use. divide 5 million by that. that’s how many rows you can use on one sheet.

I would also be willing to rent you space on my Airtable Pro :wink:
Each table has up to50,000 rows

yes spreadsheet is a good idea but you can’t do SQL; i like airtable very much but to have 50K rows it costs $ 20 / month. for example I already tried Snowflake DB managed with Integromat API. I prefer to use a DB …

Sorry to bump an old thread, but could you use something like this to link your DB with your Thunkable please @Andrea_Marchisio?