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I have created a number of images for my app with the “any images” block. Is it possible to change more options of the images when creating?

I have the problem that by default all images are created with the “layout resize mode” option set to “Stretch”. When I have now downloaded my app as an apk, the images appear not to be in the desired place. So what I would really like is that when I create it (or via a function or something) I can adjust that setting (so lay out resize mode change to Float) in the blocks.

Does anyone have an idea how I can do that??
I was thinking about the “object” block, but I think that’s more for web api stuff


Have you tried other options here?


Hi @proximilius ,

maybe this will help you: instead of “creating” a new image try to clone an image. That image should be invisible, you can apply all settings as you like but it must reside on the same screen where you wish to display new images. After cloning your image you have to set visible=true. This way you could even define more than one image, with different settings.


@ Tataing: That resize option you suggested is for the resize of the image. I messed around with that a bit and it wasn’t the solution.

@ Michael_Rogulla: ==> your solution works.

At first I thought nothing changed until I played around with the origin of the clone. I had made the border a lot thicker and frog green. Then I saw that that border actually applied to all clones. So with the option “Floating” inside the resize mode of x and y position this should also apply.

I’m curious the day after tomorrow if I can do another download, because then I see the effect after installing the new apk.

Ah, sorry! You’re right.

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