Any tips for building scaled apps?

Hi, about a year ago I was finding the build environment very hard for several hundred blocks and felt the chances of building a “powerful app” of a couple of thousand blocks in one dev’t screen would be totally unachievable…
Does the Pro thunkable allow tabs/groups or other division-types for the dev’t environment to make building scaled apps easier

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Hi @chris.akb :wave: (did you just set up a new account?)

If you can tell us a little more about the app that you’re trying to build we’ll be able to give you some more specific info, but in general you will want to do the following:

  1. Use functions as much as possible
  2. Reduce your block count by using generic blocks
  3. Use dynamic content, rather than static content to reduce the overall number of screens in your app

Just in relation to your question:

User on both the free and PRO tiers get the exact same app building experience. The differences between the two are explained in a little more detail on our pricing page.

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Hi, thanks for your response…

Yes, I used functions
and yes I kept app screens to a minimum (3)

If the app development environment separated functions on one screen, and the main app ‘program’ on another screen, that would be a great start to improving build speed and experience.

I envisage about 75-100 functions in my capture Time app, but they alone fill several scroll-downs of the single build environment screen.
Add another 500 blocks of actual app main modules, and it’s impossible to find segments of program fast, impossible not to accidentally occlude blocks with other blocks, and just generally very frustrating having many hundreds of blocks on one screen.

Many other app builders provide build-screens with tabs or menus or block groupings, where blocks can easily be lasooed, copied, searched etc.

A simple separation of blocks functionality accessed by build-screen Tabs, say in the proThunk, would bring me back to Thunkable as my app would be likely buildable at last!