Blocks development scaleability

Hi. HNY!
Have been away from Thunkable for a year or so, hoping that the Blocks development screen for a large app would have been improved (as suggested in forum).
But the blocks screen seems not to have advanced. Namely, v.Difficult to develop an app of say 800+ blocks, as the screen is just completely unmanageable - highly cluttered, ungroupable/untaggable blocks etc.

Will thunkable ever allow for large-scale app development? Maybe if I come back to thunk in 2020!
Surely a simple tabbed Block screen is possible?
Living in hope.

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I could not agree more. I am having trouble at 500 blocks. I accidentally unthunked a connection while trying to navigate , and it took me over an hour to debug.

I would love some tips on how to manage, or anything on the roadmap that can be discussed :wink: