Any Component "Create group" seems to break the app


I can’t seem to find this same problem anywhere.

When I click the button the app crashes and the preview disappears. It only seems to be when I have a line to alter the “component”.


For example taking it out doesn’t break the app.


Sorry if this has been asked and answered!

Thanks in advance!

@ioannis I can confirm that attempting to create or clone a group crashes the preview.

Sample project (see first screen): Thunkable

Hello @gw19kellyconnormm! Welcome to the community!!
@tatiang thank you so much for taking the time to create the sample project!
Sorry to hear about the issue with the block setting the Height on a Create component.
I checked the block and the issue is happening on any “create block” you are trying to set Width, Height, X, and Y.
So all the rest “set component blocks” work really well.
I will flag it to our engineering team and will provide an update as soon as possible.

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