Announcing Thunkable Academy

Hi Thunkers!

The wait is over… Thunkable Academy is here!

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What Is Thunkable Academy?

Thunkable Academy is Thunkable’s self-paced learning environment. With videos that cover the basics and best practices to start, and more advanced content coming soon, Thunkable Academy is designed to help you quickly and effectively create your own custom, native, mobile applications.

Our first step-by-step course walks you through the process of building your own employee directory app. The course is broken down into bite-sized chunks to set you up with skills you can then use in a wide variety of other apps.

What’s Next?

This is just the beginning! We’re already brewing up our next courses. Here’s a sneak peek into upcoming topics:

  • Publishing your app
  • Marketing your app
  • App design best practices
  • … and more!

We’d love to hear from you. What did you think? What do you want to see next? Please leave a comment below with suggestions for projects you’d like to see us build in future courses.



Is there a particular app (app clone/app idea) I should be able to build by the end of that short series?

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Hey @jared! Great to hear from you, and great question! In this first course we work on establishing a strong foundation by way of building a directory app together. In the process we use a variety of components, connect to a data source, and build out the block combinations to support our design.

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sweet! I will likely be checking this out sometime very soon! Love to see this initiative to teach new thunkers the foundations!

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Helpful videos. Quick suggestion: the microphone must be a bit far away from you because the audio is quite “roomy” and sometimes hard to make out. I would suggest a better mic, or perhaps a lapel mic to really pick up on your voice. Looking forward to seeing more videos.



Hello @mbritt! So good to “see” you here! Thank you so much for the valuable feedback and recommendations. This was a v1 soft launch and we’re currently working on v2, so I’m very appreciative of your experienced suggestions. Stay tuned for our next batch of courses.


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i was just waiting for this only !!!

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We are following the Tutorial for the Staff Directory app and can’t find the google sheet copy to use. Anyone know where to find this?

Thank you!

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You need to create your own Google Sheet.

Ok, I guess I thought they could just link it as they did for the Tree app tutorial… Maybe in the future, Thunkable could add that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps they meant to include a link… not sure!

Hi @katie.donlin18an2! Welcome to the Thunkable Community! Happy to share a link to Google Sheets Employee Directory spreadsheet if that will assist you in your learning! Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

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I have a feeling this is just a small academy that will maybe soon grow to become a big academy with fame by thunkers and around 50,000 students!
But thanks for the announcement.

:mortar_board: The first Thunkable Academy course has launched! :mortar_board:

How do you make a survey in the new updated thunkable.

If this is not related to Thunkable Academy, I recommend you make a new topic for this question.

What do you mean by survey? Are you just wanting to know how to ask your users a question and store the data?

I made a new topic.


Thanks for the academy,
i am having issue with my work preview on my phone
it always returns critical error

You should create a new topic for that and provide more details including screenshots and a link to your project.