Introducing Thunkable Modules!

Hello Thunkers,
We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of Thunkable Modules, a powerful set of builder experience tools that will transform the way you create your no code mobile apps. Formerly known as Custom Components, Modules introduce a new level of efficiency, creativity, and collaboration to your app development process. Whether you’re a novice or an expert developer, Thunkable Modules can help you build smarter, faster, and with greater flexibility.

Modules can help create reusable UI elements, with your favorite Thunkable components, to speed up app design. When you go to start a new Module, you’ll recognize a familiar-looking project editor with a few adjustments.

Logic Modules
With Logic Modules, there is no Designer Screen, and that’s because Logic Modules are a collection of blocks that can trigger events, change background properties,
or create custom integrations.

As always, you can find more information about Modules and Logic Modules (and some sample projects to get you started) in our Docs.

With this announcement, we’re rolling out a new Thunkable Modules category in the Thunkable Community. This will be your stop for asking questions about anything and everything involving Modules and also a place to share the Modules you create. See you there!


Wow, this is great. I already used Stepper … Just want to know, if these modules can be used with clone or create functionality.

Glad you were able to use the stepper! Adding clone/create support is on our roadmap, but it’s not enabled yet. Thanks for the feedback.

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I truly believe there should be a module request thread … like feature request.

I would like to see more detailed training video or deep dive on modules.

It is still very confusing for beginners like me.

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@tiny_apps Feel free to add those requests in Thunkable Modules

Deep dive coming soon!

Next week’s deepdive will be all about Modules. Vote here! Thunkable Deep Dive: Week 3 Voting