Android phone native back navigator button creates multiple clones (app internal back button does not)

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I just noticed the following:
When I use the Android phone’s native back navigation to go back to a screen in my app, the screen looks different than when I am using the back button I ‘programmed’ in the app to go back to the same screen.

I am now very confused and insecure if I should do something about this or if this is something only happening inside the Thunkable Live app. Or in other words: Is this a bug or ‘normal’ behavior that I need to find a solution for.

I made a short video to show what is happening:

Also, the issue in screenshots:

And here are the corresponding blocks (from Screen 1):

Maybe someone has run into this before and can help me out.

Thank you,

Hey @antje.smilesyft :wave:

Thanks for the detailed question - it’s really helpful!

This looks like a great idea for an app. I think the issue here is with the clone block…

Can you try the Screen starts block rather than the opens block here please and see if that helps?


Hi there :slight_smile: Thanks for the fast reply!
I switched it from “opens” to “starts” and the issue didn’t come up any more.
However, I am worried this may lead to another issue:

The reason I didn’t select “start” in the first place is that as far as I understood, “screen starts” is the initial display of the screen during the current session and occurs only once during a session (and the app would need to be closed properly in order for it to happen again). This would then run me into another problem, because the same screen may have to display other content during the same session: Every time the user goes to this screen, I check a variable and based on the value I display different content dynamically.

And because I am curious: I must admit I can’t really wrap my mind around what’s the difference between going back via in-app button or via phone’s native navigator. Is this because the in-app button click is an event inside the app and therefore the screen “starts” while the back navigator is no event inside the app and the screen only “opens” again.

Thank you :slight_smile: