Android Header Layout

Hi All

My daughter published her first thunkable app on the Play store - it’s working really well, but there is a layout issue that appeared in the app, which wasn’t a problem in testing via the web-app version.

If you see the screenshot attached below, the app itself takes up the entire screen area, so it’s overlapping the normal phone header bar on my Android device (where the battery, wifi signal, notifications etc go).

Is there an easy way to set up the app layout on thunkable so that it can work consistently across Android devices, and the “container” for the app only starts below the phone’s default header (just like pretty much every other app).

Thanks in advance.

You could try adding a margin to the screen?

That’s a bummer

Thanks Jared,

That’s what I was planning to do as a dirty fix. I just hope different devices use a similar pixel width for their header.

I was curious whether it might be a setting I had missed somewhere which could solve it more elegantly.