Android app not launching [ Dec 2022]

I published my app to the android store and it keeps crashing at the loading screen. It gets stuck at the Thunkable screen right at the beginning and doesnt progress any further.

The app is under ‘Veto Vote’ on the play store.

@harpula.tf1zbwk Could you please send me a personal message with the specific project URL, so we can investigate it further?

Just to know, you can test the aab before submitting it to the play store.
You have found more information on how to do it here:

Set up an open, closed, or internal test - Play Console Help (

@ioannis Thunkable

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@ioannis any solutions?

Hello @harpula.tf1zbwk
Thank you for sharing your project.
I can confirm the issue.
I will keep on searching to find exactly what causes the problem and keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience.

After testing I found a workaround. Please try to delete the first page and download again the AAB file.
To me after doing that is working.
Let me know if it works also for you.

a workaround is sometimes acceptable but not what’s needed here… acknowledging there is some kind of issue with certain screens would be better. then fix the issue and future-proofing the issue from reoccurring. this is a super common issue with thinkable apps and needs to be solved to improve the user experience for both builders but also users. Would love to see the ability to add crash logs to apps…

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@ioannis i dont want to delete the first page. Thats part of my app.
Any other solutions?

I can share in a private message a new copy project of yours so that it doesn’t have any issues.
Let me know if that works for you

@ioannis yes that works

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