Android 13 and advertising

I uploaded an app (.aab) to the Play Console and got a warning saying…

Apps targeting Android 13 or later that use an advertising ID must include the permission in the manifest file.

Is it possible that the AdMob SDK is not up to date when building the aab or is it a generic warning for everyone?
If it is due to the SDK, will it be corrected or from next year we will have problems with the applications?

Thank you.

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@ooyamaneko We are doing some updates to AdMob on Expo currently, let me flag this to engineering in case something with the SDK did go awry when updating.

@ooyamaneko Do you have another apps on the Play Store with this message? Is this a new app you are just publishing now or making an update?

I’ve recently released two new apps on the Play Store and both times I got the same warning.

I have sent an update to an application right now and this time I did NOT get the warning. If it happens to me in future versions, I’ll comment again and put a screenshot.

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