Google play store: target Android 13 (API level 33)

Hi all, I got this warning from google about my app on the play store:
The app must target Android 13 (API level 33) or later versions otherwise You will not be able to release app updates
My app has no manifest file, it is a simple app developed with html, css and javascript. I then published it to kodular using web viewer.
Being that my app is currently implemented with kodular, and kodular has not solved this problem yet, could you tell me if switching to thunkable solves it? Have they updated the api layer yet? Do I need to do anything in particular or do I just create the app and find everything updated already?
Thanks in advance

Hi @caputoluca88gpr7ue, thanks for reaching out about this.

Yes, all apps made through Thunkable will target Android 13/API 33. Our dev and product team are very consistently monitoring these issues and ensuring that apps publishing via our platform regularly stay in compliance with all Play Store and/or App Store regulations.

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Okay I already have a version created months ago, to have it updated with API 33, do I just need to download it or do I need to do any particular procedure?

@caputoluca88gpr7ue Yep, just republish your app and it will be built to target Android 13/API 33.


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