An airtable-thunkable riddle/leaderboard/announcement app

HI, i made an app which takes a random riddle from a given airtable (pic1) and displays it in the app, it gets refreshed automatically everyday, which makes sure that a common riddle is displayed everyday.

and once a person enters the answer, it gets sent to my discord server, with help of webhook.

Also there is a leader board page which gets updated as the airtable is manually updated


And also there is an announcement page, which again gets updated as a user makes an announcement.(iam trying to add it push notifications for this)


This is my app, ik its a bad ui and features are very common…iam not much experiencd…thats why :slight_smile:

PLS suggest features which can be added :slight_smile: . I would like to add any feature thats related…my actual need was to make a trivia app…its still in progress…so doing it

view my app here

Kindly ignore the music :arrow_up: , you can switch it off using the switch component…i should change it soon :laughing:

Pls vote if you are free :slight_smile:
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