All project is gone

I just opened my project last night. in my account there are 5 projects. and this morning I logged back into my account and all the projects were gone.

I was kind of directed at the moments of creating a new account by given questions like: what do I work as?, how is my experience in programming?, and what is my company like?.

Where are all my projects going? and whether my project can be recovered?


Are you sure you selected right sign in option (google, apple, email) and also it didn’t log in automatically?

I log in with google account is registered on my laptop

If you click sign in with google does it sign in automatically? sorry for late reply.


There’s no need to bump a topic that you replied to already. If the person needs additional help, they can add a comment.

The thing is, if someone answers a question, they should respond. But im not sure if he muted the topic.

If you ask a question and someone doesn’t answer, there’s no need to post again in that topic. If you need to, you can reach out to the person in a private message.

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