All Animations Is not working (GIF And Lottie Json Files )

hello Guys
Can anyone confirm if the gif pictures working with you or not
this problem happened two days ago and its still present
I tried another laptop and different browser … Tried other phone and also tried with emulators

I’d Appreciate if anyone spend a minute trying to download apk with gif animation
and see if its work

I Need your excellent skills here guys please <3

After Alot of research i figured out the issue related to thunkable update 202 All Lottie and gifs are NOT WORKING

I tried to downgrade the live app to Version 197 And all of My Apps Are working Great Again

Thunkable 202 Update

  • Improved app stability and performance
  • Upgraded libraries

Hi @domhnallohanlon, this issue still persists even in Android v206. No gifs running.
I already uploaded them again, and nothing.

I can confirm this. This is also the case on any downloaded android apps. Seems to work on iOS.

Yes. They don’t just work for Аndroid. I guess they’ll fix it.

I am still facing this issue and my gif files are not working for android. Can anyone suggest a solution to this?


Hi, i Just end my first version of a game and i confirm that gifs are non working on Android or in the web test.

What device are you using? If such an issue occurs on iOS, you can check the hands-on guide to ask for help. I ever solved the same issue with the method from this post by myself.
You may check it:

Hi everyone, I am wondering if this issue has ever been addressed? I am about to publish an app and the only thing that is not working is a .gif in the Android app. On iPhone it’s working well.
Interestingly, it’s also working in Thunkable Live for both platforms. But when I download the apps, Android doesn’t work.

Would be awesome to get a feedback on this.

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