Alarm app with multiple recorded sounds

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This is my second try asking all of your help and knowledge for the same issue which has not been solved for more than a half a year.

I have been trying to create an app that you can record multiple sounds and make each recorded sound to be used for alarm clock for each different time set. But, I have a trouble using multiple recorded sounds.

Note: I know that Thunkable does not run in the background and the alarm will only sounds if and when the app is awake and active.

I thought that I should use Vlookup method introduced in this community, but what needs to be found is row id for “j”. I want to know how I can get the row id for “j”.

Below screen shot is what I have done so far.

I created an app where a recorded sound can be set at a time for an alarm. For example, I am able to set it at 7:00am to sound a recorded sound, and it works. Thunkable


The row id can be found by using list of values just as you did but the column name should be “ID”. This is a reserved column name that stores the row ID for each row in the table.

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Thank you for your response, muneer.
I am not sure how I can find the row ID for “j” by using “list of values”.
Can you show me more, please?

From DB, the first thing that I need to find is an alarm time that matches with current time, and this is why I chose to use “for each item “j” in list”. So, “j” is one of the items that is in Alarm Time column in DB. And, the second thing that I want to find is the row ID for “j” to find a sound that is saved in the same row as the alarm time.

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An easy way to solve this one is to:

  • Create an app variable counter and set it to 0
  • Before the loop for each "j" in list, set the variable counter to 0
  • Before the If condition inside the loop, increase the counter by 1
  • Use this counter as the row number to get the song/alarm file.

This should work for you.