Recorded sounds to be used for alarm clock

Hi Thunkers,

A beginner Thunker from Japan needs all your help to solve a problem using DB.
I have been trying to create an app that you can record multiple sounds and make each recorded sound to be used for alarm clock for each different time set.

I created an app that a recorded sound to set at a time for an alarm clock.
I am able to set it at 7:00am to sound a recorded sound, and it works.

But, I have been having trouble using multiple recorded sounds so that I need your help.
This is the app that I need your help;

I referred this below example about vlookup introduced in this community because I thought this would help and tried this but have not been able to solve the problem.

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Unrelated to the sound, keep in mind thunkable does not run in the background. The alarm will only sound if the app is awake and active. :frowning:


What about the keep screen awake block??


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Agreed. You can use keep screen awake to prevent the phone from sleeping. But if the user switches apps or shuts off the screen themselves, no alarm

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drted and jaythemanchs, thank you guys for you advice on screen awake thing. Well noted.

Can you and/or someone else out there help me to solve a problem using DB?