AirTable SpreadSheet

I prepare an application for food recipes.
I make on a spreadsheet with these columns.

  1. Ingredients
  2. Prepare
  3. Image Of The Food

I Use list picker, whats block i made to click on any of list picker item, to get the specific details from the spread sheet.

Please advise.

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I open the link this error coming.

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If Possible You Can Share Screenshot Of AirTable Spread Sheet.

I Didn’t get this how i will make this & use this because when i add new for hide list its available but this not understand yet.

I try to make copy as you given to me but when i test live not coming properly please advise.

If you want give your airtable credintial privately. I itry to complete the project

I Sent all the details

This Is Sample Receipe

@simsonpeter I test the app with the change of column name its work, but only display image size , how i control image size and also i need to understand how i will display the recipe as i mentioned in sample you can guide?


Got It :smiley:

Now I Need To Understand To Display The Complete Receipe Thing


HidelistViewer Is There BUt There Is NOt Show List Viewer Please ADvise

I think you accidentally deleted. I do

I Share My Whole Project Please Check.