Airtable: Retrieving data from linked tables

Can someone tell me where I am going wrong here? Retrieval for what I have highlighted in green here works fine, but the red highlight doesn’t.
The green area shows everything as I want it - the contents of the particular cell. There’s just normal strings in these.
The red area shows only the recordID. In the red area I am retrieving data from another table, in other words: What is stored in Orders->Bikes is referring to another table. I want to display what it links to, not the key to what it links to.
I hope this makes sense, might have stared at all this for too long now to be able to solve it on my own. Also have next to no experience with databases, I might get some terminology wrong… thanks a lot!

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The record ID you are receiving from “Orders->Bikes” is actually the record ID in another table that you need to get the required info or description by using the same get value block but using the row ID as the one retrieved from the “Orders->Bikes” table.

So, in short do another get value using app variabe OrderBikes in place of app variable Ordersindex

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Thanks a lot! I did suspect that. I now have the problem that some cells in the Airtable can hold multiple entries. What is the best way to display multiple entries simultaneously? I’ve tried a ListViewer but that onyl shows all rows of one column. Is there any way to use ListViewer to display the contents of one cell instead?

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I’m not sure what your question is about the List Viewer.

As it names clearly says, it is a viewer for the list that you build up in your code. It will display whatever list you assign it whether it has a single element or tens of elements.

Thanks for your reply, I had been off the net for a few days.
To clarify:
Here is what I want to display:

Everything under Gear for one row. The cell holds multiple entries which refer to another database.

I figured I should make a list and add every item in the cell to the list but this doesn’t do anything.
Here are the blocks I have:

Here’s what happens when running it:

Earlier I was just setting the Label Text to what the “get value from” from the Data Sources category, but weirdly, that approach just iterates through all entries in the cell char by char, to the effect that if a cell has the record
it would create a List Viewer with


I am at a loss. How do I display every entry? I don’t care right now if it’s in a label or a list viewer.

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The displayed results are the expected.

You are passing a text field to the for each item j in list which is expecting a list. So the block treated the text as a list and made every character as an entry in the list.

You need something like this

NOTE: where I typed Some Delimiter, you need to see what is SEPARATING each code from the other and insert it here whether it is a space or a New Line.

I must say that I feel you do not need the loop. Just use the list block as the input of the list viewer.

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Yes the loop was a second attempt. It makes perfect sense that the loop would just iterate the way it does. But I didn’t know. Coming from Python I guess I was hoping I could just do a “for j in list” and then get every entry in the list. I also suspected that I wouldn’t have to loop but my first attempt didn’t work either.

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