Airtable in my game

Hi i will talk about what i am trying to do and please tell me if it is possible to be done with Airtable
Every player will have a unique username, this one i can do :rofl:
Every row will have (Player Username) and (Score)

Now, i want

  1. When the player finishes the game, i want his score to be updated according to his/her (Username)
  2. I want to display list where every item consists of (Username) and his/her (Score)
    Is it possible ? and how ?


It is possible, but what causes you questions? If the name is unique, then there is no problem finding them and updating score. If the name is not unique, then this is also no problem if you use a unique key for each record.

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How to find them by the unique username ? i really don’t now

I appreciate your reply @actech

This sounds like a Vlookup to me @abedo,

Perhaps you can adapt this tutorial (or perhaps, start with this tutorial and the add in online storage in version 2?)

Let me know whether or not that works for you!


I appreciate your help @domhnallohanlon but unfortunately i don’t know how to apply this to the Airtable in my game
especially in replacing the score of the player according to his/her username
and how to make the following list
(1: Username1 : Score1)
(2: Username2 : Score2)
(100: Username100 : Score100)

You can do it even not in the blocking part because airtable have a SORT features and filter it was good to use when user updates scores…im using it for almost a months, and not having a problem in leaderboard, and setting users scores that save in local storage but manage by airtable sorting features.

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yes @DevilLooper actually i want to use airtable because i found that it will sort the table by itself.
now only those two points remaining

is the username and Score are in the same table?

yes and the username is unique, so i want that when the user finishes game, his/her score to be updated

use the SET Cell of airtable blocks, to update it, you must have to use user row id you can call it when the before game start and set it to be updated when its done

What if during the game, other player got higher score and the order of the users have changed ?

thats the not the nice thing of airtable compare to firebase, will in that case you cant save it after the game, call the user rowID and use a loading component and say “please waiting, im saving your score” and when u get the row ID then save it…

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somthing like this, but you can play with it

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