Airtable: Get a Column Name from a value (multiple tables)

Hi everybody.
I’m really struggling with this: i am using a searching bar as i read all of the posts on the topic here, it works efficently.

Now i’m doing another one but there’s one problem. The app is a Cocktail recipes app and, in this case, I have 3 different Airtables for each category (Contemporary Classics, The Unforgettables, New Era).
Every ColumnName is the name of the cocktail itself and on the rows beneath there are few fields about recipe, total views, ecc…

I need this:
when an user types into the searching bar, the app gives the name of all the cocktails that contain that part of the word, wither if they are contained in Contemporary,Unforgettables or New Era.
Also, how can I get the Column name? There’s no such a way to use the “GetRows” from “ID” as they are the Column Name. How can i get all the names of those columns, so i can put them into a list and be searched and be looked to with the use of the search bar?
Sorry I know it sounded complicated, hope this image helps.

Thank you


Using the drinks as column names is going to cause you some trouble. You might consider pivoting your data so you have 2 (or more columns). Something like this

If you REALLY want to have a column for each drink, you can use the GetSelectedRows block and get the first row of the AirTable. You can then use the resulting JSON object to determine all of the column names.

Happy Thunking!