Advanced Querying for Airtable

Hey all!

So, I’m creating a cooking app where the user can enter the ingredients and equipment they want and get recipes based on that. I have an Airtable where the created recipes are displayed, but I can’t seem to find a way where all of the text in the column “Name” of the row containing the user’s desired ingredients and equipment (these are in other columns [each recipe is a row]). And remember, there may be multiple rows where the ingredients and equipment are present.

Any help? Thanks!


What format have your data in the table?


My Airtable is in a Grid View.

Here’s a screenshot

The recipes are completely phony for testing purposes, by the way.

So, you have two fields - equipment and ingredients - for which you need to get a recipe.

Which option to enter values ​​for the search you choose?

  1. Random input - in this case, the user can enter arbitrary names of equipment and ingredients
  2. Entering equipment and ingredients from the lists - in this case, the user can select field values ​​from lists only. The advantage of this method is that the user will be guaranteed to choose only the equipment and ingredients that are in the database

Since you can search for several values ​​of equipment and ingredients, the search string should consist of a comma-separated list:

water, white sugar, rice

After that, through the entire database, make a cycle for searching records, in which there is water, rice, and sugar. You will have 2 cycles - on the entire table and on all the words specified in the search bar.

Do you understand the general idea?