Airtable: enable to show only parte of the column

Hi everyone
I connected airtable to the application to get the data and everything works.
When choosing a language and a city a variable is initialized which shows a specific column in the list view “scheda opera”
I would like, according to the conditions of the variable, to see in the list view a portion of the column so that, at the clik, the values corresponding to that index and that content (eg proserpine) were shown in the various containers (img, text, btnBuy …).
How to show only a portion of the column?
Thank you


Sorry, but I did not understand what needs to be done. The general approach is as follows. From AirTable, all data is loaded into the List. After this, from the List you add information to the ListViewer. When you select the ListViewer item, you get an index and by this index from the List you can get any necessary information.

Hi actech
thank you for answering.
I can show a column in a list (and the values corresponding to the item touched) but I do not understand how to take a range of values in the column and show only that.

I have 14 variables, each one corresponds to a city/language pair. I would like, for each variable, to correspond to the vision (in list view) of a range of cells in the main column.

example: variable 1 (corresponding to Lucera in Italian) shows in list view column name “bla-bla” from value to value …

can you help me?

thank you

I suspect that you want to use the ‘get sublist’ block to get a range of valuers from the list corresponding to your column. I.e.,


Hope this helps.


So, we have variables

var1 = Lucera / IT
var2 = Lucera / EN
var3 = Troia / IT
var4 = Troia / EN
var5 = Biccari / IT
var6 = Biccari / EN
var7 = Manfredonia / IT
var8 = Manfredonia / EN

What should be displayed in ListViewer and what needs to be shown after selecting an item from this ListViewer? Can you draw a diagram? Then I will understand what you need and how to show. Below is an example of how this might look.


After imputting some information (example clicking on the btn it, choosing Lucera and clicking on btn guide) and corresponding variable; I want to show in the list viewer of screen1 only certain values of the column name (only that values that match with the information I want, as in the example only the guides that works in Lucera and speaks italian).
After clicking on the shown guide, I want to fill label, img and btn with corresponding information of the clicked guide.

I’m doing a audio guide/reserving app.

I think I understood. You need data filtering by several conditions. To do this, you need to create a loop for all records and in this loop select only those records that meet all the conditions of the request. Now I will make an example.

On the scrAirTable screen there is an example of filtering records from a table.

Thank you. I will try and I will let you know. We hope well :crossed_fingers:

I saw the @actech project but I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for.
I think @Mark is right. Because I just need to show a range of the same column (depending on the variable that define language/city) called “name” and the corresponding values to be shown in label or button.

I tried to make a list and sublist but

  1. it doesn’t show the values corresponding to the clicked object in the list (img, description and audio)
  2. on android crash while on iphone it works (always not showing the values corresponding to the object clicked es name , img and link of object Proserpina in list).

Could you let me know how to solve? I’m sure it can be done but i’m not able to solve.
Thank you.

Hi Mark,
you were right.
I made sub-list depending on variables and it works, but in each sub-list, the index remains the same.
How can I solve? How can I change index depending on the range (#from #to ) of the column shown?

Thank you


Can you be a little more specific on what you are trying to do and what, exactly, is not working as you expect?


I found a solution.
I’ll show as soon as possible.
I want to thanks you both and all the community for the support, you are great.

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Here is my project

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