[AIRTABLE] Data List showing weird or not showing properly

Hi everyone,

I would like to report a bug, while choosing the sixth option of Data List (the first one that has the big image in it), it shows weird. It started to happen since the last week.

This is how it’s shown now

There are no blocks involved

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What device are you running thunkable live on? (Im assuming android). The issue doesn’t seem to be there when running on IOS.

Yes, Android

Same it happens using also other data listing with Airtable, any of those showing images.

In this case, if i’m using Data Listing getting data from Airtable, if i’m using one of the options who has an image, it struggles to get data from the table.

It works if i just choose to show Text and Subtitles.

I got this error few times now and Thunkable.com crashes itself very often when i tried to “Sync with source”, hope it helps.

This happens on the Thunkable Live version (who still doesn’t work good, especially the Bottom Navigator Bar) and also in the responsive web app

Sorry for the issue you are facing. If you download the app, did you see the same issue?


I downloaded the app and it works fine.
Apparently it just goes weird using Thunkable Live on mobile.

Still some issues also in the Bottom Tab Navigator even when downloaded (it takes few click sometimes to go from a a tab to the other)

i too also have the same problem as you for the Data Viewer List, But i use thunkables table instead of AIRTABLE,

Hello, we are reverting our recent changes and will send a new version out tomorrow morning pst.

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We just rolled out version v356-13 to the Google Play Store. Can you try it and see if the issues are resolved?


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Solved, thank you very much

Solved for me too!! :blush: Thanks!

Can you please help test this? :slight_smile:



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it says that the page doesn’t exist or it’s private

@maurizio.polverini89 I sent you an invite into that group Wei linked above. Let me know if you have issues receiving or accepting it.

Still haven’t receieved anything, either here or by mail.
i’ll wait few more minutes