Dataviewer list problem with text

I have a dataviewer list with image and Text.
In web preview and editing area on pc, it shows correctly Images and text.
But with thunkable live (latest version) text fields are not shown. I can see only images.
I’ve tried deleting a creating a new dataviewer list but nothing change.
Using a Dataviewer grid, all fields are shown correctly.
Why this behavior? Any way to solve it?
thank you,

The only way we can know why something isn’t working is to see your project. Can you provide a link?

If there are multiple screens, please mention which screen the problem is on.

Also, what type of device are you testing this on?

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Here it is :wink:
Thank you

This is how it looks on my iPhone 11 in Thunkable Live:

Oh noooooo :sob:
So it seems to be a problem of my phone…and it could happen to who knows which other phones…
This is how it looks like on my Redmi note 9.

Hello, it’s true, the problem is occurring in version v356-3 of thunkable live for android.

Problems found so far:

-Radius of the border of image elements does not work.

-Data list view item click works with flashing
(most of the time it doesn’t work)

-Problems in DLV texts.

The problem only occurs in thunkable live, when installing the apk it runs without problems.

Thunkable live for iOS with version 351 does not present any problems.

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356-3 was rolled out just yesterday. We are keeping an eye on this. Thanks for flagging, @fredyfernando.


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