After uploading an app to google play store?

Well, ginally got my app done. Just working on building the location spreadsheet. Only question i have is this. After its uploaded to the hoogle play/apple store can i still edit the spreadsheet and have it auto update or do i have to release a new version to make those changes update to the app?


Where are you storing your data? You said a spreadsheet but… Google Sheets, Airtable, local DB?

Only if you have used a cloud database as indicated above. If your database (spreadsheet) utilizes the local storage feature; then you’ll need to update the app in the stores.

Google sheets web plug-in. I habe the apk version of my app downloaded yo my phonr and any edits and additions i make on it reflect on the app immediately. But yeah, its an onlime version and not stored locally on my computer

Right, so if you’re using a cloud-based spreadsheet, then you can update the data at any time without releasing a new version of the app.

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Groovyness. Thanks :slight_smile: