Adobe XD... how to import the design to Thunkable

Hello, I’m a new Thunkable user and I’d like to know if there’s a way to import a design from Adobe XD.
Thunkable seems very powerful, but from a graphical point of view it doesn’t seem to allow you to go beyond a very rudimentary 80s-style design.

Hey @infolab ,

We’re working on a Dogma integration at the moment. I’m not sure if you can migrate an XD design to a Figma design but that might be one option?

Can you share a screenshot of your design? There are lots of talented folks in the community (especially those who participate in the #wdc!) who can probably offer some pointers too!


Thanks for your reply… at the moment I’m just trying to understand if it’s possible to do with Thunkable the same things that Bravo allows… it’s not a matter of a single and specific project/drawing but a more general speech, to understand the limits and the potentialities of your software… do you have in your roadmap to do the same things of Bravo with Figma/Adobe XD?