Adding buttons left and right from iPhone X notch

Hii there, I am pratyush kumar and recently i was creating an app for iOS devices. Let me tell you that I have made my app compatible for the iPhone X but there is a big problem i am in!
Actually I need 2 buttons in my app but I am unable to add them because I need one button at top left corner near the notch stating close and another button in the centre stating Next page. Please suggest me how to deal with this or any alternate method?

Just add a row between them and set it to fill container:

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1)Tap and release the volume up button
2) tap and release the volume down button.
3) hold down the side button on the right -hand button for a few seconds until you notice the device restart and show the Apple logo that appears when the power is turned on.
If You have any issue regarding Notch on your iPhone then you can contact iPhone Support Number.