Adding and saving a property to a list, Meal Planner

Hi, This is probably my last hope. I would appreciate any help and guidance as a beginner.

I am creating a recipes app. Attached are screen shots of 3 pages showing the recipes, the data from recipes when clicked added to a recipe screen and then a meal planner.

I have managed to follow a tutorial to get the info from recipe to display in the recipe screen.

I would like to be able for the user to click the add to planner on the planner screen that will then allow them to choose the meal and it add to the day and meal time of whichever day or time they clicked and display the name and store it.

Also to be able to add a clear planner button. I would like it so they can also click each meal they selected on the planner to be able to remove it or add another without having to clear the whole planner.

I know this might sound complicated but i see it as a simple app and hope I can complete this on the free Thunkable version.

All advise appreciated, and screen shots with guidance would help more or pointers to videos.
Many Thanks

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