Add Horizontal Scrolling to your Projects


Add horizontally scrollable content to your app with just the flip of a switch!

When using the Data Viewer Grid component, set the Horizontal scroll setting to true and you’re ready to (sc)roll!

To try this out for yourself just click on the copy link below:


Yes! Been waiting for this, thank you :grin:

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Absolutely, this is really great, been waiting a long while for this so it’s much appreciated!


I just switched out the dvl for this side scroller in my latest project!


Looks great, thanks @jared!

Thanks @tgsacc - will pass this on to the team. What are you planning to build?

I’m delighted we have the ability to do this now too @hdawc - are you planning on using it in a new or an existing project?

Looking at building a food order app so users can swipe through extras/ add-ons easily. As well as some internal staff apps that can now benefit from a better UI :slight_smile: :+1:


Horizontal scrolling of a DVG works amazingly well in a web preview. But in Thunkable Live on an iPhone 11, it also scrolls vertically because of the pull-down refresh feature. So it defeats the purpose of the horizontal scrolling and makes the user experience unpredictable. Is there a way to fix that? Maybe to disable pull-down refresh?

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@tatiang I believe this has now been fixed?

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