Horizontal Scrolling in Data Viewer Grid also scrolls Vertically

I want to be able to scroll horizontally with a Data Viewer Grid (DVG) but when I enable that property and test it in Thunkable Live on my iPhone, it also scrolls vertically. I think it’s related to the pull-to-refresh function of a DVG.

Is there a way to avoid that and only scroll horizontally?

Project with simple example:



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I tested the linked project on my Android; it didn’t pull down or up for me. When I tried to force the “pull to refresh” it pulls the loading icon that Android uses. I’m thinking it may be an iOS interaction if that is the OS you are using. Sorry I couldn’t replicate it to help out more.

Edit: The only thing I can think of to get around that is by creating a group with images and instead of using the DVG, just computing values with variables. It’s kind of an archaic fix, but it’s what I had to do with some of my projects to get around DV issues.

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Thanks for testing it and for the feedback. Yeah, I’m considering cloning images or buttons for the horizontal data but I just feel like many of the things I try to do in Thunkable are workarounds for things that don’t quite work right and I’m trying to encourage Thunkable to fix those instead of relying on the workarounds.


I made some changes in your project and even if I have the DVG to take the whole screen it will still as if scrolling vertically when you pull down to refresh.

This behavior is in iOS but not in Android. I thought this is due to you sat the height as Fit contents but even when I changed it to Fill container the same thing happened.

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I’ve also reported this as a bug here:

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Hi @tatiang
Until Thunkable corrects this issue, I made a workaround for the horizonal scrolling for now

See the demo

This solution only works from the mobile device. It will not display correctly in the computer. It also only works in StP.

It might not be a solution but just to see how far things can go with workarounds.

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Interesting! So how does that work? It seems like none of the components have Scrollable enabled.

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I use the DVL for the scrolling and place it inside a column that is turned 90° (see Transform in the Advanced tab) to give the effect of horizontal scrolling.

This is why I have to use my own layout because I use a column in the custom layout to contain the image and the label and the column is also turned 90° in the opposite side to show the image the right way.

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