Add (Duplicate) Line

Is there a block set (or round-about way) where you could essentially add a duplicate line? Like lets say for a list app, instead of having the lines in place the person can input text could you have a single line followed by a “Add new button” that when clicked a duplicate text entry line pops up under the first?

This has been my idea so far

However, in the list, it only shows the first Medication I enter (Not any subsequent ones)

So now I am here. I created a separate page to add medications.

And then this is how I am trying to get it viewed
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This lets me add unique medications and form a list, the only problem is I need the medications to be unique to a name. I tried using the “in list ___ get # Index” but that didnt work either

you mean you can’t make a duplicate?

what happens if you try to duplicate the item? can you print out your list to a label instead of the listviewer

Not a text duplicate, but a line duplicate. So in a sense what I am trying to do is the main screen of my app will have a list of names the user has added. When one of those names is clicked, other data will come up (date of birth and things like that). I also want to have a place with that other data that is a list of medications they may be on so there would be the main name list and each name would also be able to have (or not have) a medication list unique to them.

My original plan was to have this medication list be created when the user was input all the other medication. They would select yes for medication and a text entry line would pop up. I was wondering if I could get another text line to appear when they clicked a particular button so they could add as many medications as needed. However, I didnt want to have to code say 10 invisible lines but was rather looking to see if I could in a sense “If button click do duplicate X line and save text” I realized I didn’t think this was possible and it would lead to other issues down the line

Where I am at now is still trying to get these unique lists within each name but I didn’t want to spam the feed by adding a complete new Topic soI just continued the topic with what I say as my way around.

I would prefer it being a list so that individual medications can be deleted and eventually notifications can be added.

I guess in a sense I am trying to get unique nested lists and where I am at now, gets me a nested list, but I am working on the unique part


Check out NestdListR here