[Solved] How to avoid creating same list item multiple times

So, when a user creates and gives information it will be shown in a list using the list viewer component.
but when I click on a specific item that is already created to view the info user has written and when I close the same i item I clicked on then there is another item created on the same. I just update the value if updated by the user…
how do I avoid this?

When you ask a question on the forums, you need to show how you set up your blocks. Without that, it’s very hard to help you.

sorry, sir, it didn’t get uploaded before, these are the set of blocks there are a lot of components which visibility should be set true, false😂…

That screenshot doesn’t have any blocks that would create a new row in a data source. So you’ll need to look through your blocks to find that and then post a screenshot.

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is there any specific block to use?

You’re going to need to post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve used for that specific function so far.

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of course, there is a mistake with calculating the date so I’ll do it!

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To avoid duplicate entries in the list,
I use this code

It isn’t working sir,
this is the output:

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i hope i have written it right

Why are you adding a list in your text? The comparison will fails this way

remove the List block and make all in the join block.

yes sir its working now.
Thank you :+1:

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