[Solved] How can I delete one if there are two identical names in the list?

I made a list and I get unwanted copying.
So if there are two identical names in the list I want to delete one.
What is the best way to do this?

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@mom7667yafy please see the blocks circled in green


see my example.

I pull data from 5 fields and throw them all into a list. then i search the list and create a new one. for each item in list 1 that is not in list 2 put it in. if it is in list 2, go on to the next item and check again

does this help?


How can I confirm that there are duplicates in the list?
If there’s no duplicate, don’t delete it. If there’s a duplicate, I have to leave one and delete the rest.

The block shown is what I delete when I know of duplicates.
I don’t know if there is a duplicate in the list or not.
If there is a duplicate then I have to delete the duplicate.

my blocks do the checking automatically without the user needing to know if something is in a list or not. if you see, i did not specify what double to remove.

essentially, i move 1 list into the next. one item at a time.
after 1 item is added, the next is at the door knocking. the app looks inside the new list and says “are you here already”. if the item at the door is not inside already, the app lets the new item in the door. Now, item 2 comes and knocks but it’s the same as the previous. The app looks inside for the item at the door, notices that it is inside already, and then says “no thanks you’re already inside, go somewhere else!”

Thank you.
I know what you mean.
Let’s test it.

I hope that works for you! if so, you can thank @jane for that piece of code! I was stumped on this recently as well!

If it does work, please mark it as a solution so others can see!

Do you add items to the list via Textinput?

I automatically extract a list from a timed list. By the way, the same time the error was copied, thinking of a temporary solution.

bummer. do you want to share your blocks or app for help?

With the help of jgibb20189 I learned the desired features.
A block is to extract duplicates.

However, because it is still applied to the app, I do not get the desired result.

If the list should not contain duplicates, it makes sense to consider the data structure containing the list of key:value pairs. It is created using object blocks and ensures that the key is unique. If there is an entry with the same keys in the source data, this will only overwrite the value of key.

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