Accessing different values in different variables

Thank would be great.

I have another question. One of my students has an app that must send a message to different phone numbers that are saved on different stored variables. We cannot manage to send the message, any clue?

Greatings Vero.

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Thanks @Veronica_del_Vivar - I’m going to start a new topic since this isn’t related to downloading.

Can you let us know what components you are using for messaging, and if you have any screenshots of relevant blocks then please share them here so we can take a look.


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Thank you, I got it.

Now, my question is if there is a way to send a message without the need of confirming it. My students are working in like an emergency button which needs to send one inmediately.

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For security reasons @Veronica_del_Vivar, this wouldn’t be possible.

The component has to get manual confirmation otherwise a malicious developer could scam money from unsuspecting users by sending messages to premium numbers.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but the app has to have manual confirmation.

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Ok, thanks.

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