Acceleration, gyroscopes, etc


I built a small and not especially pretty app called SensorSensor, that exposes accelerometer, gyroscope, and shaking values. Here’s the link: Thunkable

Two observations, that I could use some help understanding:

  1. My 2018 Kindle Fire doesn’t seem to read gyro values (alpha/beta/gamma or x/y/z). Is that a Kindle quirk? It’s the same in both Thunkable Live and a built APK.

  2. I thought that the gyro readings were supposed to be in degrees, but on my iPhone SE (in Thunkable Live), but for the alpha angle, spinning the phone flat on the table by 90 degrees changes the reading by about 180 degrees, and picking up the top edge of the phone (keeping the bottom on the table) causes beta to increase by about 180 when I rotate by 90 degrees. Gamma (picking up one side of the phone) seems to give about the right reading for a 90 degree rotation. Are all alpha and beta reading doubled, or is my phone just special?

Updated: I download the app to my iphone as well as testing in Thunkable Live. Same odd alpha and beta readings.

And my kid’s iPad has the same near-double readings for alpha and beta.

Can anyone else help me test? I’d like to have some sense of the scope of problem before putting a bug report.

Bug filed: