About the In App Purchase category

Welcome to the corner of the community dedicated to All Things IAP. This section of the Community is intended to help Thunkable developers (that’s you!) learn how to Implement IAP successfully. Feel free to include your tips and best practices as well as ask questions or even report issues and surface potential bugs.

  • Breaking IAP discussions apart from the rest will allow for a cleaner and more tailored community experience. This is a large topic and thus deserves it’s own category. Topics include but aren’t limited to:
    – how to construct blocks
    – how to execute Android IAP Acknowledgements and Verifications
    – how to execute iOS IAP Verifications
    – how to restore purchases
    – how to incorporate IAP with your app type
    – how to market IAP’s within your app
    – etc.

  • Please keep the main topic of any post here related to IAP and include other components only when needed for additional context.

  • This category felt required as the docs for IAP alone are over 60 pages. This space allows users to discuss success but more importantly issues. These. discussions will drive further innovation and simplifications to the entire IAP process so please do share!

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Good step and much needed by many developers in the community. But can I ask why Android only? Are you saying there will be a separate category for iOS?

There is not the same requirement to ‘acknowledge’ a purchase in iOS as there is with Android.

For Android subscriptions, if these are not acknowledged, the purchase will revert in 3 days time. This process is not the same for iOS as far as I am aware.

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This timeframe is only in the testing setup. In live setup the payment is reversed in 5 minutes only.

The documents would suggest otherwise.

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Sorry, I said it in the wrong way. What I wanted to say that by default it is 3 days but if your app is listed for testing then it is shortened to 5 minutes.

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