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We want to hear from you. Although we can’t make promises that we will get to all of these (we hope there’s a lot) NOR can we make promises on timeframes for the ones we will work on we feel it’s important to get community feedback because at the end of the day, it’s all of you that are building on our platform and not the other way around!

Share your enhancements and platform improvements below.

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Hey @jared,

Good questions! My first thought is to better understand how Thunkable staff use the forums vs. GitHub. Because there’s already a Feature Requests section of GitHub. But I’m not sure enough users know about or use it frequently.

But I also have the sense – perhaps right, perhaps wrong – that GitHub issues get seen more reliably than random posts on the forums. Plus, GitHub posts have tagging to notify users and staff about their progress.

So perhaps if there was a category like this – which I’m very much in favor of – it would also be explained that it’s highly recommended to post your idea in both places (here and in GitHub)?

Feature requests almost always. surface here in the forum first. We look at both, we add what we can when it makes sense and we have bandwidth! :slight_smile: