A fathers dream lived by his son thanks to Thunkable

When I was 10 years old my dad had bought our first computer. A 486. really slow,I know. One day the computer broke and I fixed it by accident. My dad called me a computer wizz and started telling all his friends that even though I at the time knew nothing about computers.

A year later my dad past away. I would always remember that look on his face when he would tell his friends about my “computer skills”. Anyway, it was from that point that I always believed that there was something special in me. I went through high school trying to be this “computer wizz” and I was succeeding in learning everything I could. By the time I was 16 I could build a computer from scratch which for me was pretty amazing.

Unfortunately as time went on and I joined university my focus changed to building a career to make money. I forgot all about that look in my dads eyes. I got my qualification and got a job and drifted further and further away from my love for IT.

Im now 33 and for the past 5 years I have been trying on and off to build an app, ANY APP. Just to convince myself that I still had it in me to be that amazing kid that my dad saw.

I searched for many years for an app building option but I was clearly looking in the wrong places.

Until about 1 month ago, out of no where Thunkable appeared in my search. I read that it is capable of cross platform and was immediately drawn to it. I worked tirelessly trying to learn and watch youtube videos and experiment with various components. I was met with many frustrations and was helped along the way by the amazing support from thunkables youtube videos.

I am now very proud to say that my dad was not wrong. He saw a spark in me and thunkable ignited it. Its been a month and I now have an app published on google playstore and the app store.

I am so grateful that Thunkable has made this possible. From a son who has always tried to fullfill his dads dream, I thank you all at thunkable from the very depths of my heart for creating such an amazing opportunity for me…

Im sure my dad is smiling down on all of us…



Hi Don,

This is such an amazing story!

We’re so glad that Thunkable has helped you achieve this goal :star_struck:

Can I ask what sort of app you built?

It would be great if you could build on this success by publishing an app or entering a Hackathon, and we’d be thrilled to help with either of these!


Hi @donavan.naidoofnw thank you for your inspiring message that anybody also dreams to learn android and ios programming like me struggle to learn to program from tools like android studio, react, flutter dart, so on. but that tools are not meant to be. The year 2014, that I was in 2nd-year college I been searching kinds of stuff to make an android app and I started MIT app inventor and that tool was the bridge to Thunkable Classic and year goes by the wait is over I totally found x.thunkable.com that was before ios.thunkable.com. I happy right now because its fulfill my dreams creating an amazing, wonderful and inspiring app for everyone who wants to create android/ios apps!



Just to add to Jane’s comment, your message is an inspiration to us here at Thunkable.

Keep on thunking!



The app I have been building is a motivational app for teachers who are struggling. Thank you again for all your hard work.


You have no idea how many lives you have changed. Thank you for all that you and your team do.