4 legs? children quiz game

Hi all!

This summer I spent some time with my three-year-old nephew, and we invented a game in which I ask" has 4 legs?" and then I say the name of some animal. He’s crazy about that game so I decided to make it for a cell phone. I have no programming experience, although I know the theory and lately I started playing with arduino and I noticed code-based applications that did not require code writing. So I ended up here…

In this game the player is asked to answer if the animal has four legs. The screen shows an animal picture together with its name. The game contains twenty-eight questions, plus four more in the bonus section.

One question:
I managed through the extension to get my application reads default language and loads correct text, but since I currently have only two languages ​​(eng, croatian) I wanted to make that when some other language appears that the apps automatically switch to the language selection part. I did it but it is not quite elegant, so I wonder if there is some option with IF logic (I try to use “not” inside) to tell the program if it is not eng or cro (hr) call process X?


cant upload aia (file bigger then 3mb)…