YouTube Screen Recorder

Hey Thunkers,
I’ve started my Youtube Channel about Thunking and was looking for a good screen recorder. I’ve tried Loom, but the free tier has only 5 minutes worth of recording, and that makes my videos very hurried. Does anybody have any suggestion for good screen recorders? Cam is not necessary, but it’s good if it supports.


windows screen recorder and windows video editor and canva … these tools i use

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Cool, thanks. Even I use Canva a lot, but I didn’t know about Windows Screen Recorder.

u can do win+alt+r

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Great, will try. Does it include cam?

nope only voice

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Oh, ok. Thanks for the info!

You can also try showmore( It have all features that you need in a screen recorder.

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Will definitely try. Thanks for the suggestion!
Is it paid?

No it’s free and very easy to use.
I personally use this :smile:

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Windows 10’s game bar (windows-G) includes a recording option (with face cam if you want it) and is free.

Recording in Zoom while sharing your screen is also free, although there are not very many configuration options of you don’t like how it is.


thats what i said yes but lil bit difference

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Cool, thanks.

That’s a great idea!

Thanks for all your suggestions, I’ll try all of them.

You could use Screencastify. The free version only goes up to 5 minutes, so it won’t be good if you need to record longer than that.

The built in window software recorder takes up SO MUCH SPACE

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You can use google to find the best screen recorders too :joy: lol

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You could do a playlist with 2 or 3 5-minute videos on each topic?

Or, you can download the videos from Loom and just stitch them together in Movie Maker/iMovie?

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One other screen recorder you can use is screencast-o-matic. However, you will have to install screencast-o-matic as an app, not an extension.

ShareX (what zoom uses) and Microsoft Recorder take up a lot of space.

Are you on a chrome browser?

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I use Screenflow (expensive) and Screencastify (free).

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Screencastify is free? I have never heard of it then.

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Yeah, I’m using a windows laptop.

Great idea, I can try that too!

Cool, will check it out.

No, i mean are you using chrome os on your pc?

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