Your apps target API level [Walkthrough]




It will be released soon:


can you tell us the estimated release of 8.0 api plz @Domhnall
I just bought play console account today morning and now i uploaded the apk and it tells upload failed api level is not 26
So plz tell me the estimate date of release 4 days, 10 days etc plz tell us


Same Here Brother… Please @Domhnall , @wei Suggest a date to wait for API 26


Please read, before post!


Hi @Root_Android_and_Eth, sorry to hear that you are affected by this.

I’ve updated my original post at the top of this thread with the current ETA for this. (Thanks @Valaki_52 for linking to it too!)

Great to hear you’re getting serious about Android development, thankfully this is a lifetime membership and you should be able to get your app online in the next few days.

Don’t forget to promote your app in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd when your Play Store listing goes live.



İ have many apps on Google Play. İ Will not update this apps. Will i continue earn money this apps or Google Play erase this app on store.


@osmanyuksel Please read my original post carefully:


when will hello update? I can not upload to google play


It was updated yesterday:

How to Update my Published App to Newwe SDK version app?