Your apps target API level [Walkthrough]

Resolved problem… i was making mistake in privacy.

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this is only a warning
it seems to be, there are also errors, which you have to fix before being able to publish your app

@Digit_Only, do you mean that you were missing a privacy policy for your app?

Thank you sir thank you very much.

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Hi! i don’t know what’s going on when i press the review button it says fix the errors (The API one) it gives me two options then either go previous or discard nothing of the sort mention in the pictures above.Kindly help me please.Thank you in advance.

When I loaded my application, it showed errors in it. I cannot continue rollout are release. I didn’t finish Store Listing though, so is that the reason i cannot continue

a warning is a warning and not an error


thank you. it worked

Hi to all
…followed all tips but i can not click on start rollout button its as " light grey " and cant go ahead
not sure … maybe I forgot some steps ?

I guess you are right. :sunglasses:

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…yeah ! for sure
but which one ? …or more
to me all seems ok

There are lots things it might be…can you see the grey check marks in this image? They should all be green:

Are they all green on your console?
Have you written some text describing what your update is about??

ok got it … to be honest some of those things are a bit difficult …for me
anyway I’ll have a look this afternoon … night here (italy) and I’m at work
I’ll have to read more carefully to understand what they means :grin:
Thank You !
…will have to report later

All ok
thank you all

got my application on the store
some other questions later :grin:

did you find out what the issue was in the end?

you correct
was missing a part not completely compiled

…then added some content into app information after the publish but Google rejected it
I didnt wanted to make an update just wanted add something into description
…so what happen now ?

Thank you for your support.

Many thanks Amrita !!!


News about that?


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Hi. Has it been updated yet?