Your app ... did not build - there is a problem building the app - step 2


I’m getting this error message : there is a problem building the app - step 2 …

despite following

Live test and download of the app both work fine though.

Register the App ID in my Apple Developer account and created the Bundle ID.

Also created a new app in iTunes Connect linked to the Bundle ID.

Uploaded a non-transparent 192x192px icon (.png).

But kept getting the emails “Oops! Your app … did not build”.

My app is a rather simple web view of

Please help.

Best Regards, William

Appreciate if any Thunkable pros can assist.

Willing to pay for assistance.

Hello William,

welcome to the community. You are not alone with this experience, although many members do not have problems with the iOS publishing process (luckily including me).

I remember, that @Rafael_Fernandez_Cas has had some trouble, so maybe he can assist you and you will find similarities. His problem was finally solved.

I would recommend, that you contact him first and if your recent issue is completely different from his issue, please let us know.


BTW: payment in form of giving further detailed information, when asked, staying a vivid member of the community and helping other members is highly appreciated :smiley:

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Hi User81, thank you for your reply.

Yes, I saw the thread by @Rafael_Fernandez_Cas but the error I’m seeing is “there is a problem building the app - step 2 …” - what is this step 2?

I’ve followed right to the dot but still kept receiving this email :

Hi there,
Something went wrong when we tried to build your app.

The error message is: there is a problem building the app - step 2.

It could’ve been us and not you – so please try again in a few minutes.

Here is a list of the most common errors in case you want to take a look.


Hello William, Maybe you can have some block not fixed inside your app, or some misplaced function???

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Hi Rafael, it’s not really a complicated app … with Screen 1 only with a (top) label, an image and a List Viewer with 10 items going to another 10 screens - each screen is just a webview of my site and a button to go back Home (Screen 1).

Have downloaded to my iPhone and tested quite thoroughly though. Doesn’t seem to have any broken link.

My most pertinent question is what exactly is this step 2 :frowning: