"you are not on the beta list" error message

Hi there,
I recieved my Beta invite last week. Great!

I filled out the form and recieved the Test Flight Invite.
I have also installed the Thunkable Live app on my iPad which seems to be working fine.

Unfortunately when I go to ios-beta.thunkable.com and try to login with my Google account, I get the message “Your are not in the Beta User List”

Can anyone help.



@amrita @wei read this

Hi there,
Did you mean to attach a link?


No, Amrita and Wei can add you to the beta list

Ok, thanks.

I’ll wait for their response.



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Make sure you use the same email for the beta as you use for iTunes.

I am having the same issue. Getting the “not on beta list error.” What do we do if our beta email and our iTunes email are different?

Contact the Thunkable team and explain: Support@Thunkable.com

Hi there. Apologies for this error. The iOS beta only works with a Google login at the moment so likely the email address we whitelisted wasn’t your Google login. We are happy to add your new email in the next release.

Just email us at support@thunkable.com

Thanks and apologies for the confusion -

Thanks. I’ll send an email now.

I used my Google login, got the invite, followed the instructions for TestFlight, but when I go to the site, it still says I’m not on the list.

Hi everyone – apologies for the delay. We just whitelisted our latest batch of iOS beta testers – if you signed up in the past few weeks, you should’ve gotten an email confirming your admission as a tester.

Happy Thunking!
Albert @ Thunkable