Yandex Translator works in Live Test, but not on Samsung s20 or other phones


I created a Yandex API and used to make an translator app.
The app works on my phone and when I Live Test, but it does not work on other friend’s phone ( Samsung s20). Any advice on what could be wrong?

Thank you


What doesn’t work?

Hi Actech,

So the workflow is if an image is clicked, the app will say what it is in English and then translate it to Hindi.
On Samsung s20, it only says in English and not in Hindi. This is the code

Now I understand. I would do this:

  1. Removed duplicate blocks. The same data is requested from the table several times. When you first access them, you need to save them in a variable and then use this variable

  2. Instead of app variable blocks, I would use variables from the function parameter. They work more reliably

  3. you Need to check whether the translation block works at all. To do this, create a simple application that uses only the text translation block and set it a string with the text (not from the table).

Thanks Actech - will try.