Write selected list item to local DB

I am creating a ‘things to do’ list.
I have a list (created from a local db) and when the user selects
something from it, it displays certain info.

I then have a button ‘add this info to different list’

How do I take selected data from one list and
write it back to another local db ?

Once you add a record to a local DB, I don’t think you can delete it via blocks. You might want to save the items to an actual list and then save the list under local storage. Then you can remove an item from one list and add it to another and then save both lists.

How do I actually do this though? I am basically creating a ‘favourites’ list. They select items from one list and it is added to another. Lots of of the advice on the web relates to App Inventor. This had a ‘add items to list’ option, which I cannot see in x-thunkable.

if clicked elemet is not in list than add to list …

Hey @rael74, you can see an example of something like this on @Darren’s YouTube channel: